Chizlit - Jawline Toner

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Meet the second generation of our revolutionary chewable. Designed to efficiently put direct stress on jaw muscles when chewing allowing to develop a masculine jawline. Simple and convenient.

You chew and your jaw muscles (masseter) get tired. You do that enough times and muscles grow in size and your jaw starts popping out more to the sides giving you an appearance of having a wider lower jaw (a feature people call “attractive”)


We always compare trying to jaw muscle training with gum as trying to grow your biceps by doing curls with 2kg dumbbells. Yes, you will eventually get there, but it will take you years. So the two main differences with gum are 1) Chizlit is more efficient by providing a MUCH higher resistance level 2) Chizelit guarantees equal results on both sides. Many gum exercisers eventually develop a muscle imbalance by chewing gum more on one side than on the other. 

Masseter muscles are the second toughest muscles on your body after heart able to take up to 30kg. To challenge this muscle to produce enough strain to actually grow it in the size you need a lot of resistance. Chizlit provides that.

Yep, we are using top quality food-grade materials. Which are not only FDA but SGC certified as well. Nothing is leaching out into your body and nothing is poisoning you. Chill!

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Im so happy with this purchase

Im so happy with this purchase. Chizlit is probably the best in the market right now. I like the fact that they are more secretive while you're using them. I use them around the house sometimes while im sorting things and even when i drive. i can see some build on my jaw area. I will for sure keep using them!

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I love this product! They have amazing customer service, very personable and helpful. I will be a lifelong customer!

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Great customer service

Great customer service, prompt response time which are more than happy to help with any questions or issues. Would highly recommend

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You won't regret it

Over the many years as a professional "Jaw Builder", I can confidently say that Chizlit is by far the greatest product for your jaw muscles, the safest for your teeth & joints!

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Product really makes a difference!

Product really makes a difference, I saw growth in my jaw muscles in just 2-3 weeks! Service was fantastic, and a good thing to know that I didn’t before buying was that they have indefinite free resupplies if you bite through the tabs (which I just did on one side after around 6 months).

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Great product, great company

After using Chizlit for some time, I am super satisfied with this jaw exercising tool. The results are exactly what I have been looking for and the product works great, if you put effort into it. Their replacement policy makes Chizlit stand out from other similar companies and makes it affordable.

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Quality Product

Love the quality and i started with the 1 piece for 2 weeks and now I’m looking forward to buy two pieces. It is easy to use and to carry everywhere you go. I really love the product.